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Back Book Title From Red Guard to Business Mogul : An Oral Biography of Kong Dan

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From Red Guard to Business Mogul : An Oral Biography of Kong Dan

- Mi Hedu (Zhang Yucheng)
- Hong Kong
- The Commercial Press (H.K.) Ltd. Hong Kong
- 9789620756696
- 2015
- vi, 280p.
- 780 gms.
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Kong Dan was born in a Communist family. He was among the first batch of the educated urban youth in China who became members of the Communist party. He was a student leader at No. 4 High School in Beijing, commanding the Xicheng District Picket Corps to maintain social order in the 1960s, when the Cultural Revolution initiated by Chairman Mao Zedong resulted in massive chaos in the society.
He was later put in prison because of his participation in the Picket Corps and his parents were also being persecuted. He had been sent to the countryside to join the production team for “re-education”. He built his knowledge foundation by his hardwork and earned a Master degree in the economics discipline.
He had been the secretary of government officials, and senior management personnel of two state-owned enterprises, the Everbright Group and the CITIC Group, within which he devoted his talent to help tackle various problems.
Through personal interviews with Kong Dan, Mi Hedu compiled the biography of this legendary figure in the modern Chinese history, depicting how he went through the ups and downs in 60 years. His experience can be regarded as a reflection of the historical development and political reform in China back in the Mao Zedong regime.

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