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Back Book Title Pedra Branca : Story of the Unheard Cases

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Pedra Branca : Story of the Unheard Cases

- S Jayakumar, Tommy Koh & Lionel Yee
- Singapore
- Straits Times Press Pte. Ltd., Singapore
- 9789814827157
- 2018
- 127p.
- 350 gms.
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1. Pedra Branca (Singapore) 2. Singapore – Boundaries – Malaysia 3. Malaysia – Boundaries – Singapore 4. Territorial waters – Singapore 5. Territorial waters – Malaysia 6. Singapore – Foreign relations – Malaysia 7. Malaysia – Foreign relations – Singapore 8. International Court of Justice. In 2017, Malaysia sprang a surprise on Singapore by filing two applications for revision and interpretation of the International Court of Justice’s judgment of 2008, which awarded Singapore sovereignty over the island of Pedra Branca. 
However, just two weeks before the scheduled oral hearings for the cases, the newly-elected Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad decided to discontinue the cases. 
This book explains succinctly the arguments of both countries. The authors recount how the Singapore team prepared for the written pleadings and oral hearings for both cases. They also reveal interesting behind the scenes accounts of these “unheard cases”. 
This book will be of great interest to both non-lawyers and lawyers, as well as students who are interested in international law, international relations and territorial disputes, and in how countries which are parties to a case before an international tribunal embark on their preparations.

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