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In Love with Uganda Oil and Bunyoro Clans : Lessons From Kitara History

Author :  Yolamu Ndoleriire Nsamba (Ed) Susan van Tonder

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  • Country South Africa
  • Publisher Reach Publishers, South Africa
  • ISBN9789970966004
  • FormatPaperBack
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Year of Publication2017
  • Bib. Info502p. Includes Index ; Bibliographical References
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In this book the author tells a story of the rulers of Bunyoro-Kitara. Through the ages they appropriated to themselves the country’s resources at the populations’ expense. Greed characterizes the entire spectrum of Nyoro rulers from the early queens (Abagole), the Musaza priest (Abamasaza or Batembuzi), the Bacwezi kings that wielded immense ritual authority, the Babiito secular kings, the colonial governors and the current neocolonialist presidents. The story which the author narrates started with climate changes that set in motion what climatologists have named the Little Ice Age. Snow caps on the Rwenzori mountain tops between 1300 and 1400 AD, melted during an era of unprecedented climate change. Unpredictable weather resulted in social upheavals and violent rulers emerged. They were desperate at managing communities that suffered shortage of pasture and water. Communities were embroiled in inter clan wars and famine. Oral tales speak of gross abuses of human rights and gender inequalities. Repressive rule of despots was captured in tall metaphors that describe the rulers as wonder workers. These are legends of demigods which the author treats as historical source materials. Omucwezi Ndahura for instance is said to have dug crater lakes which geologists tell us were formed by volcanic eruptions. In this book these legends are examined for the historical content. Out of a careful study of these traditions the author draws out of these metaphors historical content on which the author uses to reconstruct Bunyoro and her interlucustrine neighbors’ history of turmoil which climate changes caused. The book is enriched with stories of clan affiliations evident in shared totems that ensued and were the foundations of African state formation. Throughout their history the Banyoro have lived through struggles over pastures, water, arable lands, salt, ivory, livestock, agricultural produce and mineral wealth and in our own time they expect to see barrels of oil recently discovered in their lands and the inescapable environmental consequences. This book gives meaning to ancient items of Nyoro regalia that missionaries of the colonial era dismissed as Satanic and shows their values as symbols of management of Nyoro societies.

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