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Indifference in the Times of Extremism : Articles written in the Past, Present and of the Future

Author :  Mahmood Shaam

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  • Country Pakistan
  • Publisher Paramount Books (Pvt.) Ltd., Pakistan
  • ISBN9789696373063
  • FormatHardBound
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Year of Publication2017
  • Bib. Infoxii,304p.
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A line borrowed from the different articles written over many years construct a collage and a mosaic of ideas that the book presents: It is a pity we suffer from the very diseases the Father of the Nation had pointed out in the very first year of our existence. Our society badly suffers from a deep- rooted structural imbalance. This imbalance has been manifested time and again but no serious effort has been made to repair this manufacturing defect. We need to examine whether individuals here were responsible for their sad plight or society failed to create opportunities and the right environment for the individual to exist. Our society exhibits a general trend to follow the herd. Fresh ideas, bold initiatives and new thoughts have stopped emerging. This denial of self-hood, disrespect for individuality and humiliation by the state, the government and society drives individuals to nothingness, indifference and makes them feel there is no purpose to their lives. Creativity is a must for the growth of individuals and the society. We have turned into a society of imitators, impostors and mimics. Our attitude as individuals or as a group at the national level is casual and encourages ad-hoc thinking. We want to live for the moment; we have no confidence in the moments yet to come. Political parties formulate broad-based alliances for temporary interests and gains. They increase their strength and influence, but for the same reason they weaken from within. Different powers are at play in Pakistan. Every power has to play its role in its sphere, but if there is a vacuum lies in some part of society, the other part is likely to stretch itself to fill the vacuum. Pakistan was still only three years old, and danger was being felt that some elements were undermining the s tate in the name of religion. Today, this disease is 55 years old and acute. Terrorism has been at its extremes in the past few years. This juncture of history is teeming with disputes, crisis and clashes but at the same time it offers countless opportunities. History tells us that such decisive crossroads have appeared before also but instead of seeing the objective, we were swept away in a flood of emotions. To dwell on the past or discuss it is an exercise in futility. Our destiny should be very different from the on-going events. We must decide our destiny, determine our goals and devise means that will lead us towards them. We should be active and united to stop these forces of darkness. The wheels of history always trundle forward. Time is very short. Think - shake your conscience out of its slumber.

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