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The Return of Half-Something

Author :  Chukwudi Eze

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Sevhage (Vershage Enterprises), Nigeria
ISBN 9789785556025
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2018
Bib. Info 312p.
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showcase that in his story. The Return of Half-Something captures the happily-ever-after love story between Emmanuel – whose father is Nigerian, and mother is American – and Rebecca from a prominent family of conservative Jewish background. The conflicts in the novel are enormous and the reader is allowed to have a feel of the various degrees of clashes and oppositions clawing at each other for dominance. Firstly, Emmanuel has to win the love of his life Rebecca by going through some of the most unbelievable means to gain access to her [heart]. Then, he has to struggle to win her parents over and earn her obstinate father’s blessings. Like it is not enough struggle, Emmanuel has to struggle with his convictions whether to believe his father’s prophesy about him and return to his native Umuati or negate it and live the rest of his life in the flashy streets of New York. Then the conflict between the past and the present, the modern and the old, between roots and identity, all finding space here and there in the narrative and the characters have to duly reconcile to.

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