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Mep Tana' Suket Asen Lu' : Penan Community Maps, Sarawak Malaysia (Box set – 23 Maps)

Author :  Bruno Manser Fonds

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  • Country Switzerland
  • Publisher Bergli Books, Switzerland
  • FormatHardBound
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Year of Publication2018
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01. Long Bangan – Long Iman 02. Bateu Bungan 03. Long Tegan – Long Sebayang – Long Sulung – Kampung Bahagia 04. Long Rayah – Long Keneng – Long Adang 05. Long Gita – Ba Nyakit 06. Long Peresek – Long Tevenga – Long Seliang 07. Long Tarum – Ba Daun – Long Menging 08. Long Liwe’ – Long Kevok – Ba Marong – Long Nen 09. Long Latei – Long Win 10. Long Belok 11. Long Lutin – Long Dilo 12. Long Item – Ba Abang – Long Sengayan – Long Kawi 13. Long Pakan – Long Lilim 14. Ba Taha – Ba Tepen – Long Medamut 15. Ba Tik A – Ba Tik B – Long Lubang 16. Ba Kerameu – Long Sekepit 17. Long Sabai 18. Long Benali – Long Kepang – Long Main – Ba Pengaran Kelian – Ba Pengaran Iman 19. Ba Lai 20. Long Sait – Long Kerong – Long Sepigen – Ba Data Bila 21. Long Ajeng – Long Lamam – Long Murung – Ba Mubui – Ba Sebateu 22. Ba Jawi 23. Long Lamai These 23 maps of the Penan tribal rainforest in Malaysia are the result of a fifteen-year ground-breaking community mapping project. In collaboration with Swiss cartographers of the Bruno Manser Fund, Penan tribesmen use modern mapping technology to trace their ancient heritage, identifying significant nomadic camps, burial sites, and blowpipe trees as well as dominant topographical features. The Penan Community Maps aim at reflecting the diversity of the Penan culture. Each map sheet consists of eight parts. While the front page displays a picture of the Penan tradition, the overview allows a simple localisation of each map sheet. All symbols and elements used on the topographic map are listed within the caption. For each map, an area-specific oral history and various pictures were selected. A drone-based aerial imagery reveals the Penan villages from the top. The villages' endorsement of the maps is given through the signature (fingerprint) of the responsible headmen. These maps are a testament to the importance of maps for indigenous rights, and the project wants to be a model for similar struggles across the globe.

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