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The Conquest of Azenga : The Confession of a Ruthless Imperialist : A Novel

Author :  I. Harry Hagher

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HEBN Publishers Plc., Ibadan, Nigeria
ISBN 9789780816469
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2021
Bib. Info xiv, 290p.
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Lord Gilbert Payne, a British imperialist, the High Commissioner of Northern Sofalia, and later Governor-General of Sofalia, has earned his ruthless reputation; exterminating and conquering the tribes of British Sofalia. By combining forces with the local imperial power, the Caliph of Sobikhotanu, the rest of the country is forcefully amalgamated and occupied. Using his weapons; the Maxim gun and the Bible, Lord Payne, is determined to convert and conquer these “savages”, secure in his approval from the British government, which allows him to commit some violence for a good cause. But the Azenga tribe of Sofalia is determined to resist the occupation of their land and to civilize Payne and the British, whom they consider pitifully ignorant. The combined Caliphate-British Army is routed by Azenga warrior’s poisoned arrows. Payne resorts to more invidious and reprehensible methods. He institutes a witch hunt in Azenga land. Unsuccessful, the Azenga contest Payne’s witch hunt, choosing death over humiliation, leading to the deaths of many Azenga elders. When Payne’s wife Lady Liliana Payne throws away everything decent to support positive imperialism, British Imperial rule is severely rattled and brought to an end in British Sofalia.

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