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The Exorcists Wife : The Blood-Oath Saga

Author :  Solomon Ojehonmon

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SEVO Publishing, Nigeria
ISBN 9789789848409
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2020
Bib. Info 272p.
Product Weight 350 gms.
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A relatively normal delivery suddenly unleashed a chain of cataclysmic events after the newborn was discovered to have a strange birthmark and his mother went into a coma. Determined to unravel the mysteries behind the birthmark and coma, the young father, a burgeoning pastor, embarked on a perilous journey to one of Africa’s most violent areas in peacetimes where he uncovered a trail of fetish practices and diabolical pacts involving his wife. Events took a sinister turn when his inquiry developed into a murder investigation. Meanwhile, a psychopathic killer was hot on his tail, intent on preventing a deadly secret from being unearthed. But the pastor soon realized that, to prevent his immediate family from being destroyed by forces beyond his control, he must solve a seven-year-old crime, ferret out a secret grave and bring the killers to justice. His ultimate challenge however was to wrestle his wife’s soul from the devil, a task he knew could easily consumed him and those he cherished.

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