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The Evidence : A Novel

Author :  Lanre Shadiya

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Vision Edge Holdings, Canada
ISBN 9781777520007
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2021
Bib. Info 236p.
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When a gang of armed robbers decided to undertake the biggest bank robbery in Nigeria, they were convinced their plan was failproof, and it was. In less than fifteen minutes, they had taken possession of millions of naira in cash from a branch of, arguably, Nigeria’s biggest bank.
But the robbery took an unexpected turn when the robbers saw a photographer taking pictures of the operation from across the street. Knowing the danger that the pictures pose, the gang went after the camera and in the process got caught up with the police in a shootout, although they eventually escaped. In the commotion that ensued after the shootout, the camera was misplaced, creating a frenetic manhunt by the police, the robbers and the photographer.
With the entire country closely following the unfolding drama created by the robbery, all eyes turned to CSP Olabisi Ilesanmi - the Divisional Police Officer in charge, whose embattled wife, it was found out, had been seeing one of the robbery suspects secretly. As if his job could not get any harder, not every officer working with CSP Ilesanmi on the robbery, wanted the identities of the robbers be revealed.
Will the camera be found? Who will find it? Find out the answers to these questions in The Evidence - a fast paced thriller that ushers a new boost of adrenaline with the turn of each page.

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