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The National Palace Museum Guidebooks

Author :  Yung-Tai Huang & Pei-Chin Yu

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Taiwan National Palace Museum, Taiwan
ISBN 9789575628338
Format PaperBack
Language English & Chinese
Year of Publication 2020
Bib. Info 224p.
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This book is the new official guide to the National Palace Museum (NPM), more than a decade since the last guidebook was published. In addition to offering a full revision and updates to the major artworks in the NPM's collection, this text will also help readers explore new horizons of the museum. First-timers to the NPM will benefit most from this book, and conceivably receive a comprehensive overview of the whole museum. Readers who have been to the museum many times will enjoy comparing the artworks selected by the NPM's departmental curators with their own preferences. Perusing the pages of this text can lead to finding new curiosities, or rediscovering old favorites. This book is organized as follows: The first part briefs the history of the NPM, including the journey of the collection to Taiwan. It also traces the expansion of the museum's buildings and sites, in line with the NPM's continued efforts to evolve from imperial tradition into a modern, world-class museum. The second part of the book showcases 86 artworks in the NPM's collection, including the museum's most beloved pieces, rarely seen treasures, and exciting new acquisitions. The selected works in this text are just several of the nearly 700,000 items in the NPM's collection, including ceramics, bronzes, jades, curios, paintings, calligraphy, rare books, archival materials, maps, textiles, and religious artworks. Shifting exhibit themes not only reflect a global perspective and increased diversity, but also offer intriguing insight into the NPM's considerations when building and shaping its unique collection. In addition to managing its collections and exhibitions, the NPM's recent endeavors in conservation, education, cultural creativity, research, and development are also presented in the third part of this book. It is the NPM's intention to invite diverse audiences to appreciate the beauty of the museum's collections, from multiple perspectives. As one of the world's most famous museums, the NPM has been a top destination for travelers ever since it first opened to the public in 1965. Millions of domestic and international visitors will find useful information on the NPM and nearby scenery at the end of this book, offering an indispensable look at both the NPM's classically reimagined Northern Branch on a Taipei hillside and the dazzling Southern Branch in Chiayi. Whether a regular visitor or someone who hasn't yet made the trip, this richly illustrated and beautifully designed text is invaluable.

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