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Wang Kelian, Perlis: The Forgotten Valley = Lembah Yang Kian Hilang

Author :  Peter Ong

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Monyet Ventures, Malaysia
ISBN 9786299822103
Format PaperBack
Language English & Malay
Year of Publication 2023
Bib. Info 152p.
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Wang Kelian – The Forgotten Valley (or Wang Kelian – Lembah Yang Kian Hilang) highlights the unique characteristics of the northernmost village in the northernmost state of Peninsular Malaysia - from the 370 million-year-old limestone Nakawan range to the Stone Age tools found on site as well as the amazing biodiversity that still exists - there is much that still remains undiscovered and undocumented in this part of the world. The book showcases one of the most unique terrains and forests in Semenanjung Malaysia where the Indochine and the Sundaland meet —— over 200 species of birds and 40 species of mammals, 7 unique species of primates including the Stump-Tailed Macaque whose Malaysian population can only be found in this tiny 5000 ha area. Many species here are indeed endemic and not found anywhere else in the country. The author and photographer of the book, Peter Ong, spent two months in this northern corner to photograph and document the incredible biodiversity, terrain and cultural heritage of the Wang Kelian area. This documentation project by Roots and Shoots Malaysia and Perlis Nature and Wildlife with the support of Think City, The Habitat Foundation, and Jabatan Perhutanan Perlis resulted in a body of work which includes this 150-page full colour dual-language photo book (English and BM), a 30-minute documentary to be publicly broadcast later in the year, as well as an exhibition at Kuala Perlis and a two-month traveling exhibition around Perlis. The author and the supporting parties hope this book will be the beginning of a long-term collaboration with local partners and government agencies alike, no less because they’re truly fallen in love with Perlis and its warm hearted people. They believe that by working hand-in-hand with various state holders and partners, future generations may continue to enjoy the clear blue skies, the lush greenery, and the clear crisp air of Perlis.

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