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Bangladesh National Culture And Heritage: An Introductory Reader

Author :  A. F. Salahuddin Ahmad, Bazlul Mobin Chowdhury, A. Majeed Khan, Abdul Momin Chowdhury, Syed Mohammad

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The University Press Limited, Bangladesh
ISBN 9789845062725
Format HardBound
Language English
Year of Publication 2022
Bib. Info xix, 538p. Includes Index.
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Bangladesh: National Culture and Heritage offers readers a comprehensive illustration of its history, society and culture. It deals with major aspects of the life and traditions of Bangladesh, highlighting the social, political, economic and cultural trends and changes across different periods. The term “Bangladesh” here includes the inheritance of undivided Bengal, along with ancient Vanga and other neighbouring entities. Its recorded history begins in the fourth century BCE, but the land and its inhabitants are much older. Bengal has seen waves of settlers assimilate into local population throughout the ages. As 17th century French traveller Bernier said, “Bengal has hundred gates open for entrance, but not one for departure. The chapters cover the ancient, medieval and modern periods. Recent archeological discoveries are incorporated and the development in modern education, science and technology are also reviewed. The economic development, trade, agriculture, faith, arts, architecture, painting, sculpture, language, literature, music and folklore are also elaborately covered. Scholars who are the pre-eminent experts in each area have authored the essays published in this volume with the latest photographs and plates. This volume is used in some universities as a compulsory general reader of past and present situation of Bangladesh and historical Bengal and the people who have inhabited this area. It is written in plain language so that a young reader may discover the diversity in Bangladesh and its heritage. For the curious reader, it is an outline and introduction by experts with the opportunity to delve deeper directly with scholars still alive. This second edition is thoroughly revised and updated with new articles to accommodate contemporary discoveries and thinking.

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