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A Garden is a Long Time

Author :  Annemarie Hope-Cross & Jenny Bornholdt

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New Zealand
Te Herenga University Press, New Zealand
ISBN 9781776920839
Format HardBound
Language English
Year of Publication 2023
Bib. Info 152p. ; 25cm.
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The photographs in ‘A garden is a long time’ take us beyond the perimeter of the Central Otago garden where they were created. Incorporating processes and materials from the darker, more mysterious corners of early photographic history, the images offer an account of the life and sensibility of a remarkable artist, Annemarie Hope-Cross (1968–2022). With Jenny Bornholdt’s poetry and prose treading deftly around the edges of Annemarie’s life and photographic work, A garden is a long time is a meditation on time, light and the spaces we all inhabit. For Annemarie Hope-Cross, photography was, at once, a science and a miracle; the camera was an echo chamber and each photograph was a place where past and present met, where the living communed with those lost along the way, and where the most ordinary plants and objects were rendered mysterious, at times radiant. These photographic exposures, and the words that accompany them, are the heartfelt measure of an hour, a day, a season, a lifetime.

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